European Resource Efficiency Platform Issues Second Set of EU Recommendations

EREP MeetingThe European Resource Efficiency Platform (EREP) issued its second set of policy recommendations to the European Commission, following its plenary meeting on 31 March 2014.

The recommendations, issued under the banner “Towards a resource efficient and circular economy”, aim to decisively improve resource efficiency at the EU level, so as to help bring about economic growth within planetary boundaries, and decouple it from the unsustainable use of natural resources.

A central element of the EREP’s recommendations is the proposal of definitive targets to be adopted at the EU level. Specifically, the EREP’s target aims at “a substantially increased decoupling of growth from the use of natural resources, in order to improve competitiveness and growth as well as quality of life. The target should aim to secure at least a doubling of resource productivity as compared with the pre-crisis trend. This would be equivalent to an increase of well over 30% by 2030.”

The recommendations further call for the removal of barriers which “stop entrepreneurs from innovating and scaling up solutions for resource efficiency throughout all sectors of the economy.”

The recommendations are endorsed by all thirty-three high-level members of the EREP, including the Director General of UNIDO and Chairperson of the Green Industry Platform, Li Yong.

The EREP’s objective is to provide high-level guidance to the European Commission, EU Members States and private actors on the transition to a more resource-efficient economy.


The full text of the EREP’s recommendations can be accessed at:

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