Vinyl Sustainability Forum Addresses Green Industry


Barbara Kreissler (UNIDO) and Paul Hohnen (Sustainability Strategies) discuss the role of partnerships in sustainability

Green Industry was a key topic at the Vinyl Sustainability Forum 2014, the annual conference of the European PVC industry’s renewed ten-year voluntary commitment to sustainability – VinylPlus.

The meeting, which took place in Rome from 8 to 9 May 2014, emphasized the role of multi-stakeholder partnerships, such as the Green Industry Platform, in achieving shared sustainability objectives and promoting concrete results. VinylPlus has been a member of the Green Industry Platform since November 2013.

In his welcoming remarks, VinylPlus’ Chairman, Michael Träger, outlined how partnerships can be used to raise sustainability awareness: “our commitment is strong and we will continue to guarantee maximum efforts in driving the PVC industry towards a greener economy and to promote a more sustainable model of industrial production at global level, by spreading our approach, experience and best practices”.

The conference also served to announce a concrete achievement of VinylPlus’ efforts, namely the registering of 444,468 tonnes of recycled PVC in 2013. VinylPlus’ aim is to ensure the European PVC industry recycles 800,000 tonnes of PVC by the year 2020.


Speakers at the Vinyl Sustainability Forum 2014

In a keynote speech delivered at the conference, Barbara Kreissler, Head of the Business Partnerships Group at UNIDO said: “UNIDO is particularly proud to have an industry-wide partnership such as VinylPlus on the Green Industry Platform. The recent milestones they have achieved demonstrate how the private sector can be transformative in nature and can take the lead in achieving an important step towards sustainability objectives and realizing a more inclusive and sustainable model of industrial development. This partnership model is therefore of great relevance not only in the European context, but also for developing and transition economies that are just beginning their journey of sustainable economic growth.”


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