Climate Change Key Focus of Business and Youth Engagement in China

The second China Summit on Caring for Climate: Ecological Civilization and Beautiful Home was held on 26 June 2014 in Beijing to elevate the role of business action in addressing climate change in China. 

Organized by the Global Compact Network China in collaboration with UNIDO’s Green Industry Platform, the China Summit on Caring for Climate convened representatives from Chinese and international companies, the Chinese Government, the United Nations and other stakeholders to showcase and scale up efforts on topics such as low-carbon technologies and green solutions; climate finance that drives economic development; green ecology and desertification (including adaptation); and ways in which the private sector can support national climate change policy priorities.

The Summit also featured the importance of youth engagement in the climate discussion with a view to improve the awareness of climate change among all members of society, with educational activities organized for and by children and youth.

The Chinese Government has issued national programmes and included the construction of ecological civilization in the Chinese “Five in one” policy to drive sustainable development in China. Local Government at all levels are developing specific policies to pursue green and low-carbon development. Companies in China are also converging to advance this agenda through innovation, collaboration and adaptation.

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