Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award Goes to Green Industry Platform Member

SEA Logo“Greening the Caribbean”, a member of the UNIDO-UNEP Green Industry Platform, was selected as the winner of the Urban and Regional Development category at the 2014 Sustainable Entrepreneurship Awards (SEA) held in Vienna, Austria, on 8 October 2014.

“Greening the Caribbean” is working to ensure the ecological sustainability and natural beauty of the Caribbean, one island at a time. This process includes the development of recycling programmes, waste management solutions for tourism and the commercial sector, and training for personnel. The wide-scale environmental impact analysis and process reorganization includes such actions as removal of industrial materials from landfills for inclusion in the value creation chain. The company aims to minimize environmental pollution and reduce risks of pollution-related diseases, through an economically sustainable approach.

The SEAs are the first international award honouring sustainable business practices, and are designed to trigger a lifestyle revolution and establish the concept of Sustainable Entrepreneurship as the primary economic model of the future. The awards target private sector enterprises so as to firmly anchor sustainable entrepreneurship in the engine of the global economy.

The SEAs seek to identify and support entrepreneurs who have recognized a social problem and linked its solution with an innovative and profitable business idea. Irrespective of the size of the company, industry or country of origin, applications for the award are open to companies with a new idea, project or business model based upon the principles of Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

The ten best projects submitted are nominated for the award. The most outstanding of these final projects then receives an award of EUR 10,000.



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