The Green Industry Platform is a global, high-level, multi-stakeholder partnership and forum to catalyze, mobilize and mainstream action on Green Industry around the world. It provides a framework to bring governmental, business and civil society leaders together to secure concrete commitments and action in support of the Green Industry agenda, i.e. greening the manufacturing process and creating green industries for production of goods and services for domestic use or export.

What this means?

By encouraging the more efficient use of energy and raw materials in manufacturing processes and services, the GIP contributes to both cleaner and more competitive industrial development, and helps reduce pollution and reliance on unsustainable use of natural resources.

Business, governments and civil society organizations are invited to join the GIP by signing the Statement of Support.

Why join?

Membership to the GIP is free and always will be, but also shows your support for Green Industry, Corporate Social Responsibility and the future of our planet. You can read about other benefits and terms of Platform membership in the “Introducing the Green Industry Platform“.